Patty Back Wednesday

Today, we styled Patty Back with a floral dress anticipating the coming of Spring. Winter is not quite done yet, so overlay it with a big soft sweater to keep yourself warm. Don't forget to those over the knee boots to keep your legs snug. Finally top everything off with a long accent necklace.

Sheridan Mia Boots

Marjorie Baer Necklace

H&M Floral Dress

Happy Weekday,

   - L&L


Style with Lily and Lola

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    Today is Friday and it’s time to celebrate the end of a fulfilling week of work. Bring along Piper while you spend the night out catching up with some of your favorite Besties. With this easy to carry cross body tote, you can put away all your burdens. So don't worry, Piper’s got your back.

Happy Weekend,



Where to get this sophisticated look: 

Denim Dress and Shiny Ankle Boots from Zara

Necklace- Handmade in San Francisco by Marjorie Baer- one of our all time favorite accessory brand.